Little Learner's Academy

Established June-20-2012, BUCHO.NET inc.
little learner's academy

We are passionate about kids and learning and we combine these two at our school. We have created a fun, professional place where children will develop to their fullest potential.


At Little Learners Academy our aim is to provide a nurturing learning environment that is safe and fun; one that enables children to grow into self-confident, well balanced individuals with active and creative minds. We apply the High Scope curriculum and are committed to addressing the physical, social and emotional needs of each child in preparation for early success and readiness for school in association with active partnership with students, teachers, parents, and the community.


A place of belonging built upon nurturing and support, work and play. 
A place where learning grows little by little, every day in every way.


The partnership that children and adults share in a supportive environment brings intellectual and social benefits to both of them. It achieves the following aims:

Allow children to pursue their own interests and ideas and learn from them.
Help children develop independence and initiative.
Increase children’s confidence in their own abilities.